I'm a painter but why I love photography as well.


There are many reasons why we like to take pictures and the answers are endless.  But why I photograph when I can paint? I'm always taken but that question because my direct answer will be, "Why not?". I don't understand why I have to choose as I look at photography as just another form of medium in art.   It doesn't interfere me as an artist and creator, in fact it drives me to even more obsessed to be creative.

A quick painting of a leaf with one brush without pencil sketch during dog walks.

I am a traditional artist and for that I mean manual and less complicated.  At least that is my definition.  When I create for a painting, it took so long for me to compose my concept more that time of painting.  Unlike before, I just paint what I see and now I paint messages, my hopes and what I want to relay in an art piece.  It is time demanding and a lot of meditation and hardwork.


You Can Fly 2016

The very reason why I like photography is how quick it can create in contrast with my paintings.  But, it takes a lot of dedication, understanding, long walks and timing.  I like how it takes me to places and how it gives me space from my daily routine.  The more I photograph, the more I become creative in my paintings and vise versa.  My photographs are like a self documentary of my daily life as a painter, mother and wife.  

Long Day, Taken very quick shot while in the moving bus.



I always bring my camera wherever I go and if it's impossible I bring my mobile phone.  I take pictures during my morning walks, dog walks, shopping and the inspiration to shoot is endless.  

Fallen Flower, Taken with mobile phone camera during morning walks.

Stripes, Taken with mobile phone camera when I'm out to street photo but forgotten my camera.


Like my style in painting which is very traditional my photography has minimalist touch of editing like cropping, sharpening and enhancing a bit the color.  I want it to be simple and fast and remain in contrast to my painting that takes so long.  In doing so, I know that is very ambitious to be accurate and perfect in every shot.  I know it would drive me crazy but I'm willing to work hard to train my senses because I am aware that my time is limited.  At the end of the day, I have family to attain to because although I have big goals in life but my intention always is to be the best with my family.  Sometimes, balancing my time is the most challenging for me and I got overwhelmed at times tangled with my excitement to create, household chores and responsibilites.


So why I photograph?  It's because I love creating art and art is a part of me and therefore it is my life.  I called my photography and painting as the perfect marriage in my creativity.  I admit, I am somehow become superstitious that if I loss one, I may just end my art as well.  It's so hard to explain really because I always seen myself doing it like riding in a train without stopping.


Despite of it, I am happy, very busy and making my life becomes more beautiful and meaningful.   


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