About The Artist

Janet Pancho Gupta with her painting "The Prayer" at the exhibition opening at the Philippine Consulate HK SAR.

Janet Pancho Gupta is a Filipino established artist based in Hong Kong for over ten years.  


Janet Pancho Gupta, a diverse painter and photographer concentrates on her own philosophy to translates what she see and transform into visual object.  Her works both painting and photography are depictions of the realities of humanity socially, politically and spiritually.  Self taught, Janet began painting on portraits and was known for the life and energy from once eyes.  Though she was remembered as a painter before but the artist has been photographing almost the same length of time as she began painting.  Photography was her solace when the meditation of painting became too much.  She’s describes photography and paintings as the perfect marriage in her never ending quest of knowing and expressing life.  


Her photography is like documentary of her daily life as mother, wife, woman, migrant and artist. Her paintings style is conceptualism that she build long time in conceiving an idea and then she'll spend another long time on the hyperrealist details of her works.  She was driven to send message of love, joy, peace, pain from her personal love of nature, care of humanity and spiritual faith.  As a traditional painter she uses also the same approach in photography.  Her photographs mostly taken decisively and only taken in one shot with minimal processing each images.  Her intuitive nature, her child like imagination, disadvantage upbringing has guided her to not only see but using the five senses to translate and create an image.  Her golden rule to shoot is to spend more time in camera and spend less in processing.



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