Artist Statement





Seeking the meaning of life and the never ending wonder of the existence of living things are the main energy of my paintings.  I question and wonder a lot since my childhood.  I love nature and I never stop in awe to admire the magical existence of our planet.  I'm fascinated by how powerful and influential our mind can be, the blossoming of the flower, the change of season, natures changes in colours and the human being's ever changing character.  

    Live Like A Butterfly, Watercolor


I started to paint realism, bold colours and just the way they are.  My latest works were very different than old ones.  There were many experiences like sadness, joy and global issues that contributed to the development of my art.  I still like details and realism and bold colors and that is something that I can't resist.  


One particular subject that is always in my work is the presense of winged creatures, it's my own personal touch and represent liberation and transformation.  I love surrealism and visionary  portrayal in my paintings that often comes out of my imagination. 






Photography has been a long partner in my creativity as a painter.  I took a lot of pictures almost everyday and at one point I was obsessed of taking pictures of birds and once dream to be a wildlife photographer. I covered nature to urban scenes that almost like a documentary of my daily life whenever I'm out from my studio.  I specially fascinated of taking pictures of the day to day life of the people's emotion and expression that depicts realities in life.  My photography reflects my own personality and experiences as a woman and stranger in a place I called home.  It's a mix emotion of wanting to belong and yet it gives me a lot of liberty to shoot as my existence remain unnoticed. 


I was very keen observant in nature even photography came to me and I used to spent long walks and just looking the daily lives of the people.  I used to write short quotes and poetry for myself of the lessons I've observed. 


    Eye Of Nature, Macro Photography


My macro photography reminds me of my childhood days when my bestfriend and I uses nature as our playground because we don't have toys.  We used to find tiny objects and imagined ourselves as tiny as an ant. I love details, patterns and geometrical perspective.  I believe my own life story has help me see things in a most different way.  Growing up poor with no toys, books or television I turned my attention to the natural environment and people around me.  I grew up with seeing the reality and harshness of life that gives me a lot curiosity and wonder of the existence of the human race until today.


Having a painter's eye who sees shapes, colors, lights and perspective it helps me a lot in portraying my images.  The messages of my artworks either painting or photography has always something to do with my experiences in life.





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